The Old Operating Theatre

I visited the 300-year old Herb Garret, hidden away at the top of a narrow and steep spiral staircase in St Thomas's in Southwark . . . . And chanced upon the Old Operating Theatre.

I found myself drawn to the many and various approaches to medicine. The history of medicine is really quite terrifying, some techniques seem quite barbaric to us now. Bloodletting, purging, blistering, the use of leeches . . . . no knowledge of germ theory and scant knowledge about hygiene.

Medicine does seem to have 'fashions', I harbour the suspicion that some of our current theories and techniques will cause future generations to cringe…

The Old Operating Theatre is a concertina book with hard covers, combining digital print and blind embossing, on 190g acid free paper. Written, illustrated and printed in 2011

Size (closed): 20h x 20w cm
Edition: 30

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